At The LOA Centre, we recognize that within every individual lies untapped potential and hidden reservoirs of greatness. If you've ever felt that there's more to you than meets the eye, you're absolutely right. Our Performance Coaching program is designed to be your guide on the transformative journey to greatness. We firmly believe that the foundation of success is laid upon the bedrock of happiness. In our 6-month coaching session, we unlock the secrets of success by teaching you to operate from a perpetual state of happiness. Imagine every step you take and every task you undertake being fuelled by a genuine sense of joy.

At the heart of our coaching philosophy is the idea of massive clarity. Clarity empowers you to navigate your journey with purpose and precision. We guide you to gain massive clarity, ensuring that each undertaking, no matter how small, is approached with a profound understanding of its significance in your overall success. No two individuals are alike, and recognizing this, our coaching is personalized to meet your unique needs. Our approach tailors every session to suit your specific requirements, providing you with a bespoke experience that addresses your challenges and propels you towards your goals.

Are you ready to elevate yourself to a better version of you? If you believe you can be more than your current self, you're not alone. It's time to unlock your full potential!

Arming you with the right tools is essential. Our coaching equips you with effective tools and processes curated for your individual journey. This ensures that you not only meet your goals but exceed them, setting new standards for your personal and professional accomplishments. Expect breakthroughs at regular intervals during our 6-month journey together. These sessions are not just about guidance; they are about achieving tangible results. Additionally, our accountability meetings ensure that you stay on track, providing the necessary push when needed.

Embark on this transformative journey with us at The LOA Centre. Elevate your life through Performance Coaching, where each session is a step towards unlocking your true potential.



Sivapragasam Arumugam
Terumalar Devi Thanabal
Kavitha Sivapragasam

Siva is trained as a Mechanical and Systems Engineer and has worked for over a decade with numerous Multinational Companies. Finding his passion in training, coaching and personal development, Siva completed his certification as a Law of Attraction Facilitator with Michael J. Losier, a globally successful trainer and author of the international bestselling book “Law of Attraction”- The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t. Siva conducts many training seminars and has shared the stage with many illustrious global leaders from the insurance and financial planning industry and trained many in the manufacturing industries. Siva currently dedicates the majority of his work time on conducting performance coaching with individual and group clients to achieve spectacular results in sales and team performance through a specially designed Performance Coaching Program.

Devi has a vast experience working in the field of Administration, Logistics Planner and Accounting with Exxon Mobil for over 10 years. As she was moving up in her career, she found her passion with helping individuals in enhancing their communication skills and improving relationships. Her passion today is in reaching out to both adults and youth to inspire, empower and to equip them with the message of Law of Attraction. Devi is a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, certified with Michael J. Losier, the international speaker, trainer and author of the bestselling book “Law of Attraction”. Her main focus is in helping individuals, businesses and organizations to improve their performances and achievements using effective tools, techniques and simple formulas. She enjoys her journey in helping adults and youths to have good relationships at home, at school and at work. Devi coaches on how you can lead your life by thinking positively and by changing your vibration towards achieving your desires.

Kavitha Sivapragasam is an Exercise and Sport Science graduate (First Class Honours) from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Health Campus. With her passion in advocating the power of wellness and mental health, Kavitha has been invited as a guest speaker and contributed in numerous events for the past 6 years. Kavitha is also a youth coach for the HeadStart for Youths and Teens Program by The LOA Centre (M) Sdn Bhd since 2016. Kavitha is highly driven with the vision of changing, inspiring and saving more than 10,000 lives in the next 10 years with what she loves doing. When there is happiness in what we do, anything is possible. Love what you do and Do what you love.


1 / 5

There had always been challenges being a new start up and with our relatively small capital and with a much more globalized market today, it has been challenging to compete with some of the international players who have had hundred of million in their bank. The only way to win and to stay relevant in the market is to continue innovation and delivering great services to our clients; and with the strategy we have been growing from strength to strength for the past 7 years.
I was introduced to Performance Coaching by Siva (from The LOA Centre Malaysia) during one of the most difficult period of our organization; and with his deep-dive coaching, I was able to execute our business strategy with much more clarity and confidence. On top of that, I had started to have a balanced lifestyle and have better relationship with my wife despite the difficulties we faced in the workplace. The end result was that our business revenue improved by 250% in the year 2011.

Liang Yoon Soon
Managing Director, Persys Technologies Bhd

2 / 5

I was having challenges in the area of time management in which it affected my personal and group production performance. I was introduced to a 90 days Performance coaching program by a coach from The LOA Centre Malaysia) in the month of Sept 2011
After attending Performance Coaching Program, I learnt to manage my time effectively by the introduction of a revolutionary product called Planner Pad. I was also coached to work with my top 20% of the agency force by systematically working on techniques on how to reward, recognize and reinforce them. By doing so, for the first time ever in my career, in the month of December, I became the Top Manager in the country and also qualified to be a USA MDRT. In addition to this, my production was at a record high with 122% increase compared to last year.
I would strongly recommend anyone to participate in this coaching program as the results are predictable.

Ponnudorey A/L Kuppusamy
Chief Agency Manager, MCIS Zurich Insurance Bhd

3 / 5

Performance Coaching is the gateway for me to rediscover myself, finding the purpose and direction of my life.
This coaching session has transformed my old habits and thoughts to new ones. It has opened my inner intuition and cleared many emotional attachment. Through the weekly call session, I am able to achieve my goals one-step at the time and accomplish 40 goals in the first 90 days. It was truly amazing.
Now, I have faith and courage to do things that I never dream nor dare to do. And is a much happier person.
Ever since performance coaching, my life has changed. I have received more abundance and more opportunity has opened itself to me. My friend and love ones have noticed the transformation ever since Performance Coaching.

ASEAN – S&S Team Lead

4 / 5

I have participated in this amazing Performance Coaching Program and must say it has brought tremendous change to my personal life as well as my business growth. As a direct result of this program, my business grew by 30 percent in 3 months. By applying lessons learnt here I was able to attract not only a larger customer base but also the capital required to sustain the clientele. I am a much more confident person today and would strongly recommend this program to any aspiring business person.

Keshminder Singh
Managing Director, Sagoo Holdings Sdn Bhd

5 / 5

Ever since I found out about Law of Attraction in 2008, I have been reading lots of materials from the internet, books, videos, audios – you name it, in an attempt to ‘master’ it. Though I did improve in several areas of my life, I was unable to get out of my financial woes.
All that changed when I signed up for the 90-day Coaching Programme by LOA Centre. I got positive result in just one week! I have completed my coaching and my monthly income has increased by 90%. The greatest part of it all is, I learn to be a better person. That is something that money can’t buy. My deepest gratitude to everybody at LOA Centre Malaysia

Haslina Abd Rahim