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We’ve been having a wonderful experiential time with the tools and techniques shared in the 'How To Be A Super-Charged Family' book. The best thing that happened in our family is the cohesiveness. We were able to always come together and support each other. Implementation of these environments also allowed us to save a lot of money on our kids' education. Education has become so expensive yet ineffective as it teaches "to the tools" and not to "the problem". This does not add much value towards the kid's future. Still, we end up paying just to keep up with the Jones. It was different for us, as we had numerous conversations on what problem they can fix to make the world a better place instead of what they are going to be in the future. Hands down, the former enabled them to be passionate about making a difference. The answer to the latter was a professional course that leads them to a job. Doing what you are passionate about is always more fulfilling. Today, my kids are pursuing their dreams to make a difference. For this to happen, these tools and techniques need to be executed.

After attending this workshop, you will become:

  1. Positive Minded.

  2. Massive clarity on what you want.

  3. Better Communicator.

  4. Emotionally Resilient

  5. Better coach for your kid.

Duration of Programme and Venue

This is a 2-Days program with 30 Days support. Interval of 1 week between Day 1 & 2 is given for practice. Another 1 week after Day 2 followed by graduation. This is essential in providing experiential learning and celebrating the progress. Venue TBC.

Who should attend?

It is highly recommended and targeted at parents who would want to learn, understand and apply the tools and techniques towards becoming a SUPER-CHARGED family.


RM 900.00 (1 parent)
RM 600.00 (plus one fee - spouse)

How to Be a Super-Charged Family Parenting Workshop Register Now