3 Laws of Performance

Studies show that when management efforts do not consider the causes of undesirable situations that occur within the organisation, 73% of change efforts fail and 70% of new strategies and managerial implementations fall short of expectation.

Hence, this full day "3 Laws of Performance" program has been specifically developed in order for individuals to have a positive mindset, be inspired at work in an environment where the situation is supporting their growth and able to lead a team with happiness. In doing so, the individual is able to positively influence the team thus, resulting in a better performance that meets the WHY of the organisation.

Law of Attraction would still serve as the foundation tool while the infrastructure would include Starts with "WHY", Communication Skills & Conflict Resolution and Huddle. By using the concept of "WHY", we would be working on inspiring and building teamwork within a workforce. This is crucial so that employees would jump straight into finding solutions to problems rather than dwelling in them. Besides that, effective communication skills and introduction to WIFLE would help teams to weed out unnecessary gossips that could derail performance if left unsolved.

Throughout this program, teams will be guided through 3 (three) main modules; Law of Attraction, Conflict Resolution & WIFLE and Starts with "WHY". It is highly recommended program for empowered companies and organisations of any size, wanting to bring a positive change into workforce especially amongst the non-executives.



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