Talent Management

We believe that increasing performance is all about taking 100% responsibility for the results we are experiencing in every key areas of our lives and then making the commitment to implement the necessary actions towards the improvement in these areas. For the latter, one of the most important factors that bridges the gap between what one knows need to be done and actually executing the necessary actions (e.g. better customer service, adhering to SOPs, leading by example etc.), is the "environment" constructed which supports the execution (i.e., higher chance of taking action because the right "infrastructure" has been put in place to take small incremental steps over time in developing empowering habits towards success).

Hence, the Talent Management Coaching program was developed. This program is to empower selected leaders for succession planning and to create the right environment for the implementation of the mind-set tools that were taught during the 1- day Increasing Performance by Empowering Teams (IPET) program for non-executives and the 2-day IPET program for Executives. The cog analogy is used to explain how every level in an organisation plays a role in moving and maintaining the synergy within. The workforce towards achieving powerful positive results.

Such environment is constructed by being in the coach"s space for 6 months, to learn how to be well-rounded leaders and to lead teams with example. Once the subordinates start embracing the new attitude and mind set modelled correctly by the leaders, a real transformation is cascading down the organization, and a new performing culture is created in a sustainable manner within an organization.

This program has been designed to provide a coaching course that focuses on different objectives that will eventually lead to better and more effective leaders and hence, improves the work productivity and relationship between members in a workforce. With the right environment constructed which supports consistent focus and application of the tools learned, positive behavioural changes can usually be observed between 21 and 30 days of the program.

Each workshop session starts with a Q&A, Reinforcement and Recap on the previous session/modules to course-correct where applicable both in the area of application on self as well as in leading and guiding their teams. There will be consistent "touch base" in between each session over the course of 6 months to ensure its effectiveness among the coach and those committed to this program.



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