At The LOA Centre (M), we believe that all of us are born to be GREAT. In any organisation, the key players are those who are directly providing the services or building the products for their customers. The experience that the customers are feeling is as per the promise given by the organisation. In delivering the promise, the employees need to be inspired, responsible and able to work as a team. So, we term them as the ROCK STARS of the organisation.

Hence, this “Increasing Performance by Empowering Teams” (IPET) program is specifically designed in a structured and predictable manner, to enhance inspiration in the area of work, improve communication skills and relationships within the non-executives level. We believe that an organisation can function effectively when every level within that organisation preach and cultivate the same kind of mindset attitude towards achieving the Big Goals. When the company moves as a whole, very positive and encouraging results can be obtained. This program is specifically focused on building and influencing the environment of non-executives since they make up majority of the population at work.

Many studies conclude that about 85% of performance success is based on attitudes and about 15% on the skills developed. For the above being true, means that a greater return of investment for a company or organisation can be gained be developing the “soft skills” sets of a workforce as compared to the traditional emphasis on “hard skills” training alone.

For this reason, this 1-day program would address the real challenges dealing with the inner issues that bring about success, attitudes, mind-set, core values, ethics, integrity, self-beliefs and behaviour patterns. The core of this program is based on the utilising of tried and proven techniques, tools and by addressing the “soft skills” development of teams.

Throughout this program, teams will be guided through 3 (three) main modules; Law of Attraction, Conflict Resolution & WIFLE and Starts with "WHY". It is highly recommended program for empowered companies and organisations of any size, wanting to bring a positive change into workforce especially amongst the non-executives.



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