An accountant by training, E-Luan is today a successful Entrepreneur, Trainer and Performance Coach who inspires and empowers the lives of thousands through her businesses, training seminars and Performance Coaching programmes. She is an inspiring presenter and communicator with a unique ability to uplift people to perform beyond their ‘comfort zone’ and strive for performance excellence. Her passion today is in reaching out to both adults and youth to ‘inspire and empower lives’ and to equip them to live at their fullest potential.

In September 2008, E-Luan and her partners co-founded The LOA Centre, Malaysia, a Training and Performance Coaching company, spreading the message of personal transformation through abundant and balanced healthy living. The success of The LOA Centre in Malaysia which has helped thousands of people transform their lives has inspired its intention to expand its presence throughout the Asia Pacific region.

E-Luan is a Certified Law Of Attraction Trainer with Michael J. Losier (author of international bestselling book “The Law of Attraction”), a Certified Facilitator of the Integrity Selling Program - Selling the Way People Want to Buy, and a Therapist for ‘The Peace Process’ Programme – Healing of Conditions caused by Psychological & Emotional Stresses (

With a wealth of experience both in the corporate and business arenas together with her personal healing experience in overcoming cancer, E-Luan is able to provide participants of her programmes unique and in-depth perspectives in the areas of Law of Attraction, Communication Skills, Leadership, Personal Development, Sales and Marketing & Health and Well-Being.


“I’ve experienced remarkable transformation in my career and personal life. Till today, the positive benefits of what I’ve learnt of the Law of Attraction from the training and coaching sessions amazes and surprises me at the most unexpected of times. Awesome things are happening to me everyday! LOA is like riding a bicycle. Once you’re on it, you stay on. Once you’ve learnt it, it is for life!
Eleen Wong
Unit Manager, Verity Associates

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