Terumalar Devi Thanabal was working in the field of Administration, Logistics Planner and Accounting with Exxon Mobil.

As she was moving up in her career, she found her passion was in helping individuals in communication and relationship. Her passion today is in reaching out to both adults and youth to “inspire and empower lives” and to equip them with the message of Law of Attraction.

Devi is a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, certified with Michael J. Losier (acclaimed international speaker, trainer and author of the bestselling book “Law of Attraction”). Her main focus is in helping individuals, businesses and organizations to improve their performance and achievements using effective tools, techniques and simple formulas.

Her first success as a coach came from her family where her children, Kreshna, Kavena and Kavitha are attracting awesome results at school and great relationship at home. As a result, Kavena and Kavitha were interviewed by Michael J. Losier and the video has been uploaded in YouTube (LOA twins Malaysia). This has inspired and empowered her to co-found The LOA Centre of Malaysia where thousands have been trained through their corporate and public programs.

She enjoys her journey in helping adults and youths to have good relationship at home, at school and at work.

Learn from Devi, on how you can lead your life by thinking positive and changing your vibration towards achieving your desires.


“I’ve experienced remarkable transformation in my career and personal life. Till today, the positive benefits of what I’ve learnt of the Law of Attraction from the training and coaching sessions amazes and surprises me at the most unexpected of times. Awesome things are happening to me everyday! LOA is like riding a bicycle. Once you’re on it, you stay on. Once you’ve learnt it, it is for life!
Eleen Wong
Unit Manager, Verity Associates

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