In overcoming leukaemia in 2004, Derek began to pursue his passion in personal transformation,performance excellence and leadership development. Since then, based on his personal experiences, in depth study and association with some of the world’s leading teachers of self development and healing modalities, Derek has designed, applied and taught programmes “to inspire people to live empowering lives at their fullest potential”.

Derek is trained as an Environmental Scientist from The Australian National University and pursued a career in environmental consulting and construction in the oil and gas industry before venturing into corporate management where he was appointed CEO of a company providing telecommunication products and services.

Having started-up and managed several successful “conventional” type businesses in the past, Derek’s active participation in the areas of health and wellbeing, performance coaching and leadership development has led him to co-found The LOA Centre, a training company focusing on Performance Coaching and Personal Transformation in Malaysia, with associates in Australia and New Zealand.

Derek is a successful entrepreneur and together with his wife E-Luan, also a cancer survivor, continue to expand their businesses in the Asia Pacific region adopting the culture of “My business is a lifestyle. My work has a holiday feeling”. Their combined strength in supporting each other and overcoming significant challenges during their respective healing experiences are an inspiration to many persons and their families facing similar circumstances.


“I’ve experienced remarkable transformation in my career and personal life. Till today, the positive benefits of what I’ve learnt of the Law of Attraction from the training and coaching sessions amazes and surprises me at the most unexpected of times. Awesome things are happening to me everyday! LOA is like riding a bicycle. Once you’re on it, you stay on. Once you’ve learnt it, it is for life!
Eleen Wong
Unit Manager, Verity Associates

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