Through Law of Attraction, Crystal has rediscovered her life passion and has been using Law of Attraction – 3 Steps formula in Pursuit of Happiness. Michael Losier personally certified Crystal in 2011. Her first success as a trainer was when she led her sales team to overachieve their quota. Her Team was ranked #1 in the IBM World Series Sales Team Award in 2012.

Now, Crystal is an Associate Coach with Law of Attraction Centre, Malaysia working closely with the Founders of LOA Centre in spreading the Law of Attraction's message to more people. As a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator, Crystal’s focus in helping individuals, businesses and organizations in improving their individual/team performance and achievements using Law of Attraction. She is the "How-To Gal" on attracting ideal sales achievement, positive team / work environment, leadership skill and personal well-being. Crystal's also conducts Law of Attraction Mandarin Classes in Malaysia. She has helped a few of her clients who are Insurance Agents to achieve their Sales Achievement and qualified for Overseas Convention Incentives.

She is also the committee member for Non-Profit Organization called Gorgeous Geek. Gorgeous Geek is an organization formed by women currently and previously from the IT industry, who would like to encourage women to use technology as part of their lifestyles. And they provide mentorship for women in the industry toward realizing their full potential while achieving a balanced lifestyle


“I’ve experienced remarkable transformation in my career and personal life. Till today, the positive benefits of what I’ve learnt of the Law of Attraction from the training and coaching sessions amazes and surprises me at the most unexpected of times. Awesome things are happening to me everyday! LOA is like riding a bicycle. Once you’re on it, you stay on. Once you’ve learnt it, it is for life!
Eleen Wong
Unit Manager, Verity Associates

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