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Michael Losier's Full Day Law of Attraction Seminar l Corporate Training
"The tools and techniques taught in the workshop is very practical and I'm very impressed at how effective it is. During the workshop, I worked on my doubt of trading forex and the fear of losing money. After using the tools and techniques learnt, I've managed to eliminate the fear. All I feel now is strong confidence"

Justin TAN
"I've been carrying the emotions of guilt, fear and rejection with me for the last 20 years now due to a personal issue which had occured then that had a major impact in my life. During the course of the Empowerment Workshop, I was able to have a major breakthrough in completely releasing those emotional baggage. All I feel now is pure joy and inner peace. And more importantly, I now have a clear understanding of my purpose in life"

FONG, Crystal
"One of the major highlights for me from the Personal Empowerment Workshop is that I finally realised that I actually had very strong limiting beliefs around the issue of money. For a few years now I've been 'sabotaging' myself when I think of myself as a successful business owner and entrepreneur. After learning the techniques in the workshop, I've managed to eliminate that negative belief. I do not have anymore limiting belief around the issue of money and success"

Dr Prabhuram KRISHNAN
"The workshop was awesome and fanstastic. I'm so excited about feeling healthy again. I've been suffering from strong dizzy spells almost everyday after a fall I had 9 months ago. After applying the techniques in the workshop, the dizziness has totally gone!"

Annie LIM
"My highlight of my experience from the Personal Empowerment Workshop is that physical ailment can be resolved by resolving emotional baggage issues. I've been carrying anger towards the behaviour of someone who's close in my life for the past 8 years. The tools in the workshop taught me how to permanently remove the negative emotions. I now feel total peace and compassion for the person. The amazing results is, I've had an acute sharp pain in my lower back for almost 8 years now and in 'dissolving' the negative emotions during the workshop, my back pain is now gone!"


I must admit that throughout my working life thus far, I've been working fueled by anger and the results are, it has drained me mentally, physically and emotionally. I hated work, myself and everything around me. Deep down I've been searching and looking for something to reverse it all and take me out of this black hole. Because of the CORE technique, I feel rebooted - clean slate. I smile more, am upbeat and fearless.

William QUAH

I am actually starting a medical weight loss clinic and one of my desires which I worked on during the Workshop was to have a really successful program. During the lunch break at the workshop (after the GAP technique) one of my patients actually called me up to enquire about the program. The next morning, I contacted another potential client and she is signing up for the program this coming Saturday. Another person whom I don’t actually know, was told to come and see me for her weight program and she joined it immediately. Next, another family of two Malay patients who had read my banner in my clinic came to me and I presented them the program. They are now going to join after the fasting month. Wow!! I am excited at how I am continuously attracting the abundance.

Dr Pushpa Devi
This training program and the coaching sessions have taught me that the most important thing is the Words-Results relationship.Whenever I see myself in a spiraling downward motion, I hit my "Reset Button"and anchor my feeling to a positive state...
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