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My daughter was very reluctant on opening up to her father before attending this program. After learning about WIFLE, she started to become close to her father and they would sometimes go out together.

She was also not very happy about attending the course but after a while she began to enjoy the positive atmosphere of The Law of Attraction Centre. She even started waking me up to send her to class!

She is more vocal and opens up more now with the help of the Headstart Program.


We were waiting for this type of program ever since attending the AAA program by The LOA Centre. I'm glad my son was able to attend this program.

He has improved alot and teachers have more positive feedback towards him. He is more independant and more passionate now.

He is more focused now and our relationship as a family has improved dramatically.


Our son was very secretive before this program. His grades wasn't that good. He started improving after attending this program.

We started using WIFLE to express ourselves. His marks started improving.

This program has changed the whole environment of our family by allowing us to express and sort things out in a safe environment.


“As a parent I'm extremely glad that I sent both my children to the behavioural program. It brought about a self initiated change in both my children. The "Headstart" program has also changed them into better communicators.”


“I used to struggle with achieving any of my goals. The tools learnt during coaching, especially the structured application of ‘4 Disciplines of Execution’ has turned my life around. I now have goal clarity for my studies and personal life and I’ve learnt how to construct the right ‘environment’ towards achieving them. Going through the coaching process has also allowed me to be a more responsible and disciplined individual”

Kavena Sivapragasam
17 years old

“I’ve managed to significantly replace many of my disempowering habits which were holding me back from personal success. With new empowering habits cultivated, my studies excelled tremendously and I’m now a straight A student”

Kreshna Sivapragasam
18 years old

“The effective communication tools especially WIFLE, has equipped me to improve on my communication with my family members and enabled me to foster better relationship with them. The bond amongst us have improved immensely and I’m so happy we are now a more unified family”

Kavitha Sivapragasam
17 years old

This training program and the coaching sessions have taught me that the most important thing is the Words-Results relationship.Whenever I see myself in a spiraling downward motion, I hit my "Reset Button"and anchor my feeling to a positive state...
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