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High Vibe Session

'HeadStart with LOA' for Teens & Youth
Does your teen/youth LACK SELF MOTIVATION, FOCUS & DISCIPLINE in their studies? Or are they STRUGGLING in school, relationships and in life?
‘Headstart’ is designed to be an experiential learning program where knowledge, skills and experience are converted into automatic positive behavioural transformation towards success. This is achieved through ongoing coaching and mentoring by an accomplished and experienced Performance Coach over a 12-weeks period.
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Attracting Abundance Always
You are already Experiencing The Law of Attraction Now Make it Work For You !

You may not be aware of it but a powerful force is at work in your life. It's called the Law of Attraction and right now it's attracting people, jobs, situations and relationships to your life - not all of them good ! If your life feels as if it has turned south and taken on the characteristics of a bad soap opera, it's time for a change.

Dynamic Goal Achieving (DGA)

  • Having challenges setting Clear & Exciting (Professional & Personal) Goals for 2018?
  • Setting Exciting goals in the past and QUIT shortly after starting?
  • Working hard on Important Goals & run out of Energy along the way?
This training program and the coaching sessions have taught me that the most important thing is the Words-Results relationship.Whenever I see myself in a spiraling downward motion, I hit my "Reset Button"and anchor my feeling to a positive state...
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